At the Heart of the Matter: Power Players

Thank you for joining us for At the Heart of the Matter: Power Players. This virtual event featured a special performance by artist Franklin Cruz and a panel of leaders from across the state in conversation with Karen McNeil-Miller, president and CEO of The Colorado Health Foundation. The panelists shared how they have stepped into their power to create positive change and bring health within reach for their communities.


Watch a full recording of the conversation in English or Spanish. You can also reference the chat and watch other events in the At the Heart of the Matter series here.

Short on time and looking for the highlights? Check out:

  • Franklin Cruz delivers their poem, “Before That” (timestamp: 00:09:36:00)
  • Karen introduces the panelists (timestamp: 00:19:00:13)
  • Karen asks the panelists how they think about power (timestamp: 00:25:50:04)
  • The panelists talk about how they are improving the health of the people they serve (time stamp 00:33:27:00)
  • The panelists discuss collaboration (timestamp: 00:44:20:18)
  • The conversations turns toward inviting others to recognize their power (timestamp: 00:51:41:19)
  • The group discusses the shifts and changes in their communities’ power landscape (timestamp: 00:58:40:24)
  • The panelists talk about philanthropy and its role in fostering or hindering power (timestamp: 01:03:58:02)
  • The panelists share stories of their “power plays” (timestamp: 01:09:23:12)
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