Donna McClanahan

Executive Assistant

Donna approaches her life with both humility and enthusiasm, and she feels an intrinsic connection to our work at the Foundation. Having grown up in Beaumont, Texas, she is highly aware of the differences in opportunity that exist for people based on their socioeconomic status or where they live. What excites her is working for an organization that is dedicated to improving the health of all Coloradans – of every background. Her connection to our mission is also driven by the fact that she knows that she has personally benefited from the work of many of our grantees and the services they provide.

Donna came to the Foundation in 2017 with 24 years of administrative experience, including roles at Waste Management and WhiteWave Foods. Her interest in high-level administrative work was sparked in high school, when she worked at a law firm through a high school Co-Op Program. Here at the Foundation, she supports Karen McNeil-Miller in a broad array of capacities. In her words, she “makes sure that she shines, that she's ahead of the game.” Donna ensures that Karen has everything she needs to lead and bring the Foundation’s vision to life.

Donna combines her love for the outdoors with mindfulness – and her famous Southern Cajun cooking. Her favorite hike is to St. Mary’s Glacier, preferably with her son, DJ. Life is really good when she wakes up before her alarm; then she truly knows she is well-rested! Not surprisingly, Donna’s healthiest habit is her morning meditation practice, which grounds her and prepares her for the day ahead. And no matter how the day unfolds, she brings optimism and dedication to her work to bring health in reach for all Coloradans.

“It is a wonderful thing to be a part of an organization that is solely dedicated to helping Coloradans have better health.”
Donna McClanahan
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